Madeline Kellner for City Council

Madeline Kellner
Issues and Accomplishments

Photo of Madeline Kellner with Novato Residents In her four years on the Novato City Council, including the last year as Mayor, Madeline Kellner has worked to step it up for Novato. Despite facing the worst financial crisis in Novato’s history, Madeline helped lead the Council to improve services with fewer resources.

As the economy improves, Novato is poised to take advantage. Madeline is ready to keep fighting for Novato’s health and future – while protecting the quality of life and small town feel that makes Novato special.

Balancing the City Budget

Protecting Novato’s Seniors

Keeping Novato Safe

Bringing Our Economy Back to Life

Alleviating Gridlock and Improving Local Transit

Partnering with and Leading Local Agencies

Novato City Council Leadership